Credit Card With EInk Display Keep You Safe While Online Shopping

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28 Jun, 2011 6:00 am


Think that ePaper is for eReaders only? EInk wants you to think otherwise with a display that they’ve put together showing several other applications that ePaper would be great for. This transition towards other uses is a necessary step since the price of eReaders is slowly edging toward that of tablets. If eReaders want to remain competitive they’re going to have to drop in price or change thier model to being free with content subscription. I’m not saying that they will be replaced by tablets but only that if they want to maintain sales they are going to have to look at alternative uses.

We get to see a few idea’s on the emerging direction of ePaper in the video below. You’ll see display’s in credit cards so when you’re doing some online shopping you’re transactions and identity will be secure or a mifi display so you’re not stealing power from your connectivity to check settings. This is just the tip of the ice berg, the biggest potential for ePaper I feel is going to be in digital signage, think of all of the retail outlets that change prices constantly. It not a market many people think of but I think it will play a huge role in the future of ePaper.

What we have below is one of the more compelling uses of ePaper, it not going to be as high volume as digital signage, but it a great use case for ePaper in credit cards. Still not convinced? Think of those people who travel alot or purchase frequently online. The red flags alone cause a series of phone calls to verify identity, think of instead having a credit card that could be used to prove my identity when purchasing online. The card would have an e-ink display, making it impossible to copy. Every time you would want to make a transaction, simply press a button and it generates a new number.

Electronic paper technology isn’t anything new but the idea of an e-ink display on a disposable item means that we’ll be seeing ePaper on disposable items alot more in the future.
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    3 year battery and no thicker then a existing card?!

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