All Asus netbooks to have matte displays from Q4

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24 Jun, 2011 2:55 pm


Asus is no stranger to matte displays on netbooks, and after a brief trend of glossy displays in recent years, have slowly been reverting back to matte displays. Samsung too likes their displays matte as well but we certainly can’t say the same for Acer – I can’t recall a single Acer netbook that had a matte display. Anyway, back to Asus. The company declared in Taiwan that all Asus netbooks from the start of Q4 and in 2012 will have matte displays. Maybe not that big a deal in Europe where matte displays are more common but it’s a good sign elsewhere especially in Asia where an Asus designer quotes it’s 50 / 50 between matte and gloss.

Source: Les Numeriques via Notebook Italia

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