ASUS Padfone to Ship with Ice Cream & Tegra 3 in Q4?

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23 Jun, 2011 5:38 pm


ASUS isn’t messing around when it comes to marking its territory in the tablet ecosystem shipping 400,000 tablets in the first half of Q1. They’ve released one of the most competitive Android Honeycomb tablets around with the Eee Pad Transformer not only because it under cuts its competition with price, but also because of its docking station which is the first to enable productivity on a tablet device. If you want to read our review of the docking station to learn why we are 100% behind this devices follow this link.

Pushing the envelop on design is the Padfone which was released at Computex is a phone and tablet is one. This proof of concept device maybe sporting Nvidia’s Tegra 3 along side Google Android’s up coming release Ice Cream Sandwich. The rumored prices point is $549-$799 and may be released in Q4. When we hear Q4 on products such as these we usually take it to mean CES, which we believe to be the case.

Also, according to Digitimes ASUS is already preparing for the second-generation Eee Pad Transformer, also running Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 & Ice Cream Sandwich which they claim it hit the streets as early as October.

It is rumored that ASUS will release a number of devices on Nvidia Tegra 3 including a notebook running Google’s Chrome near the end of Q4, presumably for CES 2012. ASUS has been notably absent from the Chromebook space, so it would be interesting to see someone come out with hardware more in line with a smartbook then a netbook considering its an operating system built for the cloud.

What about the other products that we know are about to be released, well it seems that the Eee Pad Slider may go on sale in July, priced between US$650-800 & the 7″ Eee Pad MeMO 3D we might catch a glimpse of in Q4.

Via Source Digitimes

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