Nokia N9 Walk Through with Screen Shots & Video

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21 Jun, 2011 11:42 am


Nokia just presented the Nokia N9 smartphone which is the result of Nokia’s MeeGo effort. The device is rumored to run on MeeGo Harmattan and ship in Q3 to folks in Europe and boast a 960 x 540 (update: confirmed at 800 x 480) screen resolution. These facts sadly weren’t confirmed during the press event however they did give quite an impressive walk through of many of the operating system features.

If you want to check out a the hands on from the Press Conference held at Nokia Connections 2011 in Singapore we’ve got it below.

First off the hardware is stunning, the glass fits seamlessly and curves over the bezel, they’ve also included swipe gestures for navigation so there is no need for a home key. Regarding the hardware the screen polycarbonate is the same colour through out so if it scratches they wont be visible. Also, the screen material used is designed to give great antenna reception so you won’t have to hold it in any special manner to ensure great quality. (This was a nice quite dig at Apple and the only one I picked up at during the walk through, good job keeping it classy Nokia!)  The inclusion of NFC is also a nice touch for pairing of devices as well as jumping on the mobile payment bandwagon in a timely manner.

The OS showed a lot of elegance in its design when multitasking, most recently used applications were always on top. Below is a screen shot of the multitasking screen.

When searching for apps the UI is inspired by a carousel, I’ve also included a screen shot of the app launcher page.  The glass curves over bezzle, swype and gestures are used to navigate, no need for a home key. When looking at open applicaitons, most recently used are always at the top, so you can more easily pick up where you left off.

They are really pushing the fluid user experience and the notification window seems more robust then what we’d find with Android. It appears to have more detail as you can see from the shot below.

The bezel is integrated with gestures which is a feature that we are dying to get our hands on, its double tap to unlock the phone as well which is unique in terms of gestures. Another feature that I very much enjoyed was the alarm clock, for something that we interact with everyday it should look this elegant!


Sadly the only thing missing from the demo was a camera test, the 8 megapixel camera has f 2.2 which enables good photo’s in low lighting as well as high definition videos in stereo.

I was able to grab a few more screen shots of the browser, music player and maps if you would like to check them out in the gallery below the walk through video.

MeeGo on the N9 looks great! The UI looks elegant and well planned, we can’t wait to get one in our hands to test it out selves, Elop did not release any statements around pricing or release date, but we are hoping for a Q3 launch.

If you want to check out the full technical specifications directly from Nokia

YouTube Preview Image

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