Riptide GP NVIDIA Terga 2 Game Review On Acer Iconia a500

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1 Jul, 2011 8:30 pm

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From the creators of Xbox 360’s Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Riptide GP is born. Exclusively for NVIDIA Tegra 2 phones and tablets, Vector Unit has created the first ever console-quality water racing game built from the ground up.

Start up your super charged jet ski and take off the starting line in full throttle racing through rivers, canals, ominous research facilities, and future city landscapes. Use a variety of skill sets from stunts to speed as these are the only way to plow through the competition. Fly through the air encouraged by massive waves and use your high skill set tricks to boost your machine through the finish line.

Riptide GP has a way of putting the jet in jet ski. This is an incredible fast paced game and can be difficult to handle. Riptide GP is definitely for the average gamer. One would have a blast if they were to pick it up and play with little knowledge of tablet gaming. The water physics are very realistic but not to a “T”, and the control of the jet ski is gyro/tilt enabled, making it hard to handle but easily mastered with practice. The details of the race and the experience are successfully complimented by ambient and effective racing sound.

It is available on the Tegra Gaming Zone application and the Android Market place for $6.99. This price feels a little heavy, but because it is a full-length game it can be factored into the features provided in the users experience.

The Good:

-Moderately easy to pick up and play

-12 colorful and challenging levels with 6 jet skis to unlock

-OpenFaintÔ supports online play with friends or foe’s

The Bad:

-Steering controlled by gyro/tilt and is difficult but becomes easier with practice

-$6.99 on the NVIDIA Tegra Zone Gaming app and Android Market Place


-Massive air with stunts to earn boost

-3 game modes: Race, Hot Lap, and Championship

-Unlock 6 different extreme jet skis

-Explore 12 futuristic water raceways

-Interactive triggers to alter you environment mid-race

-Post scores to leader boards, earn achievements, and race with friends using OpenFaintÔ support.

-Addicting and challenging to master

-Designed specifically for Tegra 2

If you just want to check out the game play, here is our review and walk through of Riptide GP for Nvidia Tegra 2 devices:

YouTube Preview Image

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