Apple Expected to Roll Out 3D advertising with WebGL Support

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18 Jun, 2011 2:00 pm


We’ve been hearing a lot around 3D lately since we found the iPad rocking a 3D display at CPT’s booth at Display Taiwan 2011. Today there is even more to talk about with 3D as Apple will be supporting WebGL in iOS 5, but limited its use to iAd developers only. WebGL is a new rendering standard that lets developers create 3D animations and graphics in websites without the need for a plugin. We’re not sure how keen we are on this news since the could mean that we’ll be subject to alot of really annoying in your face ads.

WebGL is still very new and its acceptance isn’t solid yet. Recently, Microsoft announced that it will not be supporting WebGL in Internet Explorer and called the technology “harmful.” WebGL allows websites to take advantage of your system’s hardware for processing and rendering the in-browser graphics, hence, allowing for some pretty awesome effects that could not be achieved before. But, this access could open up new vulnerabilities.

The fact that they are limiting their support to only iAds could mean that they have similar concerns around security, however its the ads that I’m always more wary of when I’m surfing the net.

via Slashgear

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