ITRI Enables Touch on Any TV at Any Size at Display Taiwan 2011

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15 Jun, 2011 4:48 pm


Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a R&D center in Taiwan that’s innovating for the sake of innovation but with the hopes that something they create will drive Taiwan’s technology ecosystem forward. Their booth at Display Taiwan 2011 was jam packed with cool demo’s but this one in particular we felt has far reaching cost saving implications. Imagine the ability to turn any existing TV into a touch screen device with a physical piece of hardware that you can mount to your TV. The device can be built into TVs or mount on afterwards, what’s so exciting is that it makes huge touch screens affordable. If a 52″ touch screen is going fro $2500 a touch screen would cost you $6000, they weren’t able to provide a price for the unit, but did say that it would only make a touch screen TV slightly more expensive.

What is even more impressive about the below video is that we are capable of two point multitouch and its pretty responsive for an early prototype. You should check out the video below to see exactly what we’re talking about and remember if and when this makes it to market it will be considerably smaller and most likely seamlessly integrated into your TV.

YouTube Preview Image

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