Motorola Xoom Gets a Custom ROM

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14 Jun, 2011 9:29 am


We’ve been seeing alot of overclocking and hacking of the Xoom since it hit the streets, but we’ve finally got a custom ROM that will replace the firmware that the Xoom ships with. The Tiamat XOOM ROM 1.0 is pre-rooted and give you a few good reasons to make the switch:

  • SU, superuser and busybox
  • SMS capabilities
  • USB mass storage
  • WiFi Ad-Hoc mode
  • A browser hack that will display full desktop views of web pages by default
  • Preloaded apps including Adobe Flash Player and a file explorer

The ROM was cooked with the Verizon 3G tablet in mind but it should be no issue porting it on to the wifi version as well.  I’m actually using the Xoom as my main 10″ tablet at the moment and with Honeycomb being extremely buggy, I can’t see too many reasons not to give this a whirl.

via liliputing source xda-developers

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