Hands on with Dell’s 7″ Slider Prototype with Split Keyboard

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9 Jun, 2011 11:31 am

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Until software catches up having a physical keyboard is just more productive, that’s probably why tablets sales declined from last quarter and netbook sales rose. Dell is playing with the idea of a 7 inch slider tablet with a keyboard built for thumb typing with a unique split screen design.  There aren’t too many more details on the tablet except its apparent that there is a rear facing camera.  We’re also wondering if this could be running MedField but we assume Dell will probably opt for an ARM based CPU.  What do you think of the concept?  Usually when companies leak prototype idea’s like these they guage comments to judge whether or not they should continue refining the idea or start over with something new.

So leave a comment, maybe you could turn this into your perfect device.


Via Engadget

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  • Yu

    The usefulness of such concepts depends on what understanding you have of “productivity”. I need various scripting languages, LaTeX, some Software capable of symbolic computations, … For those kinds of software, which assume convenient availability of many special characters (i.e. those from the US Keyboard), a classical QWERTY / QWERTZ keyboard layout would be hard to rival. Even though a “Fn” type key may allow some clever tricks, but won’t easily rival year-long and ongoing daily experience with a full notebook/desktop keyboard. Then again, I don’t think there is good software in this field for tablets before Windows 8 anyway, and there only due to backward compatibility.

    I understand though, that this isn’t mainstream productivity.