ZiiLabs ZMS-20 at 1.5Ghz Pushes Boundries of Honeycomb Tablet Video

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8 Jun, 2011 8:45 pm


There weren’t an over abundance of cheap Android Tablets at Comptuex 2011, but Charbax over at ARMDevices.net came across a little gem with the Jaguar 7″ & 10.1″ Honeycomb tablets.  The ZiiLabs tablets are running an ARM Cortex-A9 1.5Ghz processor and a capacitive touch screen.  They were showing off their Jaguar reference designs that were using their own Stemcell media processing array which allowed for h.264 support & open GL acceleration. The Stemcell media processor is fully programmable so we also get a peak at VP8 playback but the Stemcell isn’t limited to developers who are looking to optimize video its capable of supporting other types computations.

The fact that Stemcell offers a programmable core meaning that each of the general purpose cores can transform itself into a very specialized core when its asked to do so by the system. We are seeing dual core and quad core processors running on their reference designs so we’re keen to see this technology shipping in September.  ZiiLabs grew out of a 3D graphics background so they are looking to push the boundaries of Android 3.0 tablets coming to market later this year.

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Via ARMDevices.net

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    The guy who does these videos has possibly the most annoying voice in history, not the best thing to have to someone who reviews stuff on video….

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    Not only that, but he does not seem to understand what he is asking about. he basically throws in words he heard somewhere.

    He should seriously consider doing some learning before carrying on more interviews.