11.6-inch Toshiba Oak Trail tablet gets handled

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4 Jun, 2011 2:41 pm


As announced earlier this week, the rumor that Toshiba had scrapped its 11.6-inch Windows tablet turned out of be false as the tablet launched over in Japan. NewsGadgets discovered the tablet (Toshiba WT110) at Computex and gives us a look at it. It’s basically an oversized Toshiba Thrive (same design) switching out Tegra 2 and Android Honeycomb for an Oak Trail Atom Z760 processor and Windows 7.

Not much to say other than there appears to be subtle UI “enhancements” on top of Windows 7. One sign that you probably won’t see this outside Japan? Everything is in Japanese, and even in Japan it’s only for enterprise / business customers.

YouTube Preview Image

Source: NewGadgets.de

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