Gigabyte S1080 tablet + D1080 Booktop dock hands on

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3 Jun, 2011 3:42 pm


We’re looking at look at Gigabyte’s S1080 tablet, which is nothing new by now but also the optional D1080 ‘Booktop’ docking station. I quite like the design of the S1080 especially the matte film over the glass to reduce glare. It’s a Pine Trail Atom, Windows 7 tablet that includes USB 3.0 (see specs). It went on sale in Taiwan in April and should already be retailing worldwide by now, if not by next month.

The D1080 Booktop packs in large stereo speakers, a DVD burner and many more ports –  headphone, mic, LAN, 3x USB and VGA ports. It can also house a spare laptop battery that can be plugged directly into the bottom part of the S1080 tablet for additional battery life. No word on dock pricing or availability.

Hands on video:

YouTube Preview Image

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