How to Get Your SD Card Working on the Motorola Xoom in Android 3.1

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25 May, 2011 6:15 am

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Current news from Motorol Xoom believes there is now a software update that has enabled the SD card slot on their recently updated Android 3.1 tablet. Since February the XOOM has been shipped and the SD card slot wasn’t working. Luckily a group of independent developers have found and created a software update for the fix. They got a patch working for Android 3.0 and now the hacking enthusiasts at XDA-Developers have come out with a fix that actually uses the official wifi update to deliver the work around to get the SD card up and running.

If you’re looking to get your SD card slot working you can grab the software update from forum member publicanimal who posted instructions for applying the update. Running any unofficial supported software is always a risk so you might want to consider backing up any important data before you start playing!

Via Liliputing Source xda-developers

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