Netbook Nation #24: MeeGo Day 1 Highlights Reel

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26 May, 2011 4:15 am


MeeGo Conference 2011 is a collaboration of technology design and product placement used with the Linux technology adapting the MeeGoo operating system.

After Day one of the MeeGo Conference 2011 keynote, Nicole took a look inside the MeeGo conference area were all the new tools, tips, and gadgets were out for demo include everything MeeGo operated from tablets, TV’s, and mobile phones.

People can enjoy creating their own DJ mixes using Yoshiba with Ivory, on the fly, with a new tablet app by Indamixx or dance their pants off with the new MeeGo based Dance Dance Revolution (made entirely in QMl not C++). Nomovok has included new technology with kernel optimization and a customized UI and Telecomm Italia has come out with lightning fast newly tweaked UI Cubo Vision that blows Apple TV out of the water and has shipped in February. We also catch a quick look at a native application call MeeGo IM from Lenovo.

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