Google Announces Android 3.1 & Ice Cream Sandwich

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11 May, 2011 1:20 am


Most of the annoucements Google made at the day 1 keynote of Google I/O seemed a little outdated (facial tracking and home automation..please we’ve been talking about that for years!). What we did learn today that is pretty interesting is the next step in the Android update scheme is going to be Android 3.1 dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google also made plans to roll out Google Android 3.1 on Verizon Motorola Xoom 3G tablets right away and noted that the upgrade is also targeted at Google TV boxes.

Updates that we will be seeing in Android 3.1 are:
Improved task switcher allowing you to view more recent apps & scroll
Resizable & scrollable home screen widgets with just a few lines of code.
USB support allowing you to use peripherals including a mouse, keyboard, Touchpad, or game controller

The next phase of Google’s Android evolution is Ice Cream Sandwich which will unify the company’s smartphone and tablet operating systems. Addressing Android fragmentation when Ice Cream is released in Q4 of 2011 there will be one version of Android for all devices.

With news that a single version of Android is 6 months away it seems like my article “Six reasons why marketplace could loose distribution dominance” is more relevant then ever!

Via Google IO

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