RIM confirms official BlackBerry Playbook keyboard

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6 May, 2011 12:30 pm


Can’t release a tablet without a slew of accessories including an external keyboard right? Most tablets have all that although the BlackBerry Playbook still lacks a keyboard accessory despite having a variety of official and third party sleeves, cases and chargers. One is on the way according to Bruce Winter, head of accessories at RIM, and that confirms previous leaks of the keyboard.

Prototype version of the keyboard from BlackBerryRocks.

Rendered image from the sales training found as seen at IntoMobile

We’ve heard that the keyboard, of the Bluetooth variety, will be out in summer. It’ll have the same footprint as the tablet and there’ll be a mouse trackpad located in the usual place where you find trackpads unlike that pictured in the prototype image above from BlackBerryRocks. It’ll also work as a dock allowing you to simply fold up the lot when done.

Source: Pocket-lint

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