Cedar Trail desktop CPUs detailed, 2GHz Pine Trail CPU might arrive

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30 Apr, 2011 11:21 am


Back in February new Atom D600 and D700 desktop processors were found in a roadmap that were suspected to be Cedar Trail processors. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as today Anandtech has revealed what they are in a roadmap they have – the D2500 and D2700 processors. There’s also the possibility of a 2GHz Pine Trail chip coming in Q3.

Now on with details of these new Cedar Trail chips; both are dual core processors with higher clock speeds and a 10W TDP, 3W lower than the previous Pine Trail desktop chips (D510 and D525). As has been detailed at the official launch of Cedar Trail, there’s also DDR3 RAM and DirectX 10.1 support (over DX9 in Pine Trail).

The lower end Atom D2500 is clocked at 1.86GHz but has Hyper-Threading cut (only 2 threads) while the higher end D2700 has Hyper-Threading like the last dual core desktop Pine Trail Atoms and clocks in at 2.13GHz. Not much improvement in CPU power but there should certainly be a decent improvement in the graphics department as announced on Cedar Trail launch day.

There are still no SKUs and details on the netbook based Atoms.

Source: AnandTech via Engadget

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