Windows 8 Gets PreRelease Leak & Tablet Friendly Screen Shots

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27 Apr, 2011 7:15 am

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Windows 8 leaks seem to be hot and heavy right now, we’ve seen that Windows 8 is getting a black screen of death rather than the tried tested and true blue screen. It now seems a release candidate has hit the shelves which appears to have been complied on February 28th according to the buid string 6.2.7955.fbl_srv_wdacxml.110228-1930. The build number suggests that it sits between Milestone 2 and Milestone 3, considering that M2 builds ended with build number 7950 and M3 builds began with 7956. This is hitting the torrentz as we speak, but if you download it do so at your own risk, who knows if its been tampered with or what hacker might just be playing with you. If you’re really curious here are a few screen shots of what you can expect.

We’ve stumbled upon a browser screenshot and is clearly created with touch-devices in mind. This new tablet approach is said to be all over Windows 8 and will help Microsoft to stretch their main OS over a number of different form factors.

The next screen shot shows that Microsoft is currently working on a new feature for Windows 8 named History Vault. The feature will allow Windows 8 users to backup files and data automatically using the Shadow Copies function of Windows. The backup feature will include the ability to restore to a specific time or date on the system. Users will also be able to select files and restore them to different timestamps. We can’t help but notice that this is also tablet friendly in nature.

In case you missed the video of the new Black Screen of Death we’ve included it below, its inside the leaked Windows 8 pre-Milestone 3 build, 7955.

Via Windows8News & Winrumours

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