MeeGo Gets Handsets Commitment by Huawei & Panasonic

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24 Apr, 2011 2:46 pm

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At IDF Beijing 2011 we heard that ZTE was going to be coming out with an Intel based handset so we’re not surprised that a few more brands here in Asia have made commitments to MeeGo. Huawei and Panasonic are to be nominated to join the MeeGo Handset Working Group at a scheduled TSG (Technical Steering Group) meeting. So who is apart of this illustrious handset club? Nokia obviously China Mobile, Intel, LGE and ZTE. Huawei may not have the largest brand recognition in North America but globally they are a major player and this might just be the boost MeeGo needs after loosing Nokia’s full support.

Via MeeGo Experts

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    I have been waiting 5,367,991 years to be able to play Cave Story on a phone, so this is good news.