Chrome OS netbooks to be subsidized with monthly payments?

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21 Apr, 2011 2:45 pm


Chrome OS netbooks and notebooks are expected  out in Q2 or mid-year, basically in the next three months. That much has been confirmed on multiple occasions by Google, like here. We’ve heard rough price estimates between $250 – $600 which is exactly what standard Windows laptops in the appropriate brackets (netbooks and low end notebooks) sell for. If Google can’t differentiate with hardware or pricing over Windows alternatives then Chrome OS devices aren’t going to take off.

One way Google might tackle this is with pricing subsidies – a very low cost upfront payment followed by monthly payments of between $10 – $20 which also covers hardware refreshes – that’s what sources have told Neowin, along with that we should expect devices out in June and some breaking into Q3 with a July release.

Source: Neowin via TheChromeSource

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  • Charbax

    Chrome OS devices cost more like $100 for ARM and $200 for Intel, unsubsidized. Or free on 2-year $10/month 100mb/month 3G/LTE data plan with easy one-click bandwidth upgrades (but for extra $1/100mb bandwidth cost). WiFi/Ethernet bandwidth is obviously free, but using the 3G/LTE is probably desirable on the move.

    Consider an ARM Powered Chrome OS is super thin, super light, runs 10-30 hours on a battery depending on without/with Pixel Qi, consider also all Chrome OS laptops have larger screens, better keyboards, faster boot, faster web browsing speed, better web apps support, they are safer to use, unhackable, uncrackable, no virus possible, they are easy to replace as all data is synched on the cloud, but still HTML5 web apps will work offline, including even advanced apps like video and photo editing. Consider also Chrome OS laptops can easily manage offline storage, either built-in, even hard drive slot or external USB storage and SD cards.

  • Pompous

    Consider that nothing is “unhackable”.
    Consider you sound like a pompous fool.

  • Charbax

    You cannot hack into a Chrome OS netbook and steal people’s bank logins like you can easily do on a Windows machine. Simply cause they use write-only type OS software, not with a bunch of .exe files installing keyloggers and spying on you without you knowing.

  • Oh

    you obviously know nothing about computers – nothing is impossible

  • Charbax

    You know nothing. Injecting code in a read-only or sandboxed OS is impossible. Also, 128bit encryption is unbreakable, it’ll take all the computers in the world longer than the age of the universe to break that kind of encryption.

    Cleverly made computer systems cannot be hacked, end of story.

  • Anonymous

    I completely forgot about ARM when writing this post. Chrome OS and ARM hardware will be a great match, indeed. Hopefully they’ll succeed where the Toshiba AC100 / HP Compaq Airlife 100 haven’t really succeeded.

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