Maestro S Oaktrail Tablet with Magnet Cover Featuring A Built in Keyboard

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13 Apr, 2011 9:13 pm


Maestro caught our attention back at CES 2011 with their Pinetrail Maestro tablet that offered a triple boot of Windows 7, Android and MeeGo. Their newest Oak Trail tablet, the Maestro S, comes to the tablet with the same triple boot but with a few other features that we have to admit have us itching for a review sample. The 10.1 inch 15.GHz Atom Z670 device comes with a built in kick stand and a magnetic cover that has a built in keyboard! That’s right…its own portable keyboard built right into the design. A nifty feature that we are happy to see for the Windows 7 OS is that the magnets actually hibernate the tablet putting it to sleep if you slap it on when you’re in a hurry.

The device it self, sans cover measures 264mm x 170mm x 14.5mm which is the same thickness of the original iPad. Its weight is a bit on the heafty side compared to most tablets we’re seeing on the market today at 910g but the built in stand does add a few grams that in my opinion are totally worth while! It comes stocked with a 32GB SSD which Maestro has crafted them selves to get the best performance along side 2GB of DDR2 RAM. Connectivity wise its got Wifi & 3G along side 2 USB 2.0, HDMI, Micro SD, audio jacks, and stereo speakers. Its also stocked with GPS and A-GPS in the 3G version as well as an accelerometer.

The Windows 7 OS comes with a customized touch interface that offers five panels that can be filled up with files and applications. The stated battery life of this tablet is 10+ hours on Windows and 16+ hours on Android, we’d love to see this and hope it hold true when someone finally gets put it through the paces. We weren’t able to see the device triple boot for our selves so we’re hoping we’ll be able to grab a sample in June when the device is slated to hit the streets in the US. How much will you have to pony up to save money on purchasing accessories still remains to be seen!

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