MeeGo Friendly Opera Mobile 11 Running on the WeTab (Video)

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4 Apr, 2011 4:30 pm


Looks like Opera’s giving MeeGo some much needed love with a compatible version of Opera 11 being rolled out on the WeTab. Its a labs version, so its not the easiest piece of software to install, if you’ve got a bit of tech savvy (presumably owning a WeTab makes you an early adopter) then it should be a synch.

Announcements like these warm the heart since we all know that robust applications are necessary for the success of any tablet. Adding Opera to MeeGo’s potfolio gives the open source operating system a browser whose UI is optimized for tablets that has no checker boarding. A few other improvements we’ve seen in this browser release are improvements in panning and zooming, faster frame rates, text stays sharp during zooming and improved text-wrap on zoom.

If you wanted to pick up Opera Mobile 11 for your WeTab here is a link the where you’ll be able to grab the build.
YouTube Preview Image
Apart from loving a good demo, we’re happy to companies like Opera take initiative on supporting open platforms like MeeGo. We all love the idea that Android is Open Source, but over the past few months Google hasn’t really been acting like it. Apparently, Google is actively working to gain control and final say over customizations. The supposed Red Hat wearing OS is demanding content partnerships and OS tweaks be approved by Andy Rubin before development can occur.

What if you didn’t want to play by those rules? Well, Google will with hold Honeycomb source code and you’ll no longer be competitive! As Nokia’s Stephen Elop puts it: “The premise of a true open software platform may be where Android started, but it’s not where Android is going.”

We hope to keep seeing robust software roll out for MeeGo because in the race for third MeeGo is the only open alternative!

Via Opera

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