HTC confirms Flyer Honeycomb upgrade (update: shortly after launch)

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26 Apr, 2011 11:31 am

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Update: HTC already went official with the Android 3.0 Honeycomb update for the HTC Flyer at the start of this month, although we didn’t get any time frame other than “when [Honeycomb] is made available”. The latest tweet from HTC, over the weekend, mentions they’ll be updating the Flyer to Honeycomb “shortly after launch”. Sales start on May 9 across Europe. No date set for it in the US yet either with the Wi-Fi model (Best Buy) or the rebranded EVO View 4G from Sprint. Source: Unwired View via GBM

While we’re still waiting to see what the situation is with the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Honeycomb, HTC on the other hand, is already confirming that the Flyer will be coming with a Honeycomb upgrade later down the track. I can’t recall any reps saying that in our videos but one rep at CTIA, at least, mentioned it elsewhere (see video). Great news!

The situation with pre-Honeycomb tablets is still up in the air – will manufacturers be allowed to officially upgrade them to Honeycomb? There have been a few rumors mentioning this is the case in the past with the latest popping up this week from Mobile Review (quote below, with machine translation bits fixed)

Producers wishing to produce slates for Android 3.0, sign a separate license agreement with Google. It also contains a number of very interesting points. In particular, the producer who created the device OS version 2.x, it can not update it to 3.0. It is possible that this was the reason that the market HTC Flyer in most versions will be released immediately on the third version of the OS.

Source: @HTC via Engadget

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