Chome OS notebooks launching in Q2, touchscreen support spotted

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30 Mar, 2011 10:25 am


Earlier this month, Google’s VP of product management Sundary Pichai tweeted that Chrome OS devices from partners would be out mid-year. That’s been confirmed once again by Pocket-lint who’ve been told by Google to expect devices out in Q2 in the UK and several other countries (not specified) with rough price estimates in the US varying between $250 – $600, with the higher end most likely including 3G models. An insider says Google is currently underway making retail details with manufacturers and suppliers, including Samsung and Acer.

As we heard a long way back, the OS has specific hardware requirements – there’s no specific details mentioned here but I recall an SSD being a requirement. The open source build, called Chromium OS, will be freely available for anyone to download to turn their netbooks into Chrome OS netbooks but they won’t have the same level of support provided by official Google Chrome OS devices.

Speaking of Chromium OS, a virtual touchscreen keyboard has been discovered in a recent build although it’s not working at the moment. Looks like we could be seeing tablets, if not all-in-one touchscreen enabled devices with Chrome OS down the line although Google’s current official statement is that Chrome OS is for clamshell devices with keyboards, while Android is for touchscreen devices.

Source: Pocket-lint (one, two), TheChromeSource

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  • Leibee

    it wouldnt be very hard too make ChromeOS touch-friendly since it’s such a limited OS (unlike Windows), just look at mobile tablet browsers too see how it’s done.

  • Yu

    Most of all, its a newly made OS that needs not care about tons of legacy software, that will in some cases /never/ get updated.

    I see the bigger problem: “250 to 600$”. How the heck are they gonna justify this pricing? No matter how sufficient Chrome OS might be for some tasks, its still a very limited OS with some conceptual issues concerning privacy, which I’d both expect to having the devices viewed as “lesser netbooks”, so how would you justify a 600$ pricing?

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