Nokia Is Still Thinking about Launching a Meego Tablet!?!

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23 Mar, 2011 3:40 pm


MeeGo has taken a beating in recent weeks with news of Nokia dropping it in favour of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 as their main operating system. Ubergizmo posted a story today that actually fall inline with my a few of the thoughts I threw down in ‘Why Nokia Hasn’t Ditched MeeGo’. The word on the street is “Nokia might want to enter the tablet market on their own” which means that MeeGo is back on the table. There are alot of mights and maybe’s but if planning on a MeeGo tablet might be quicker than waiting on Microsoft to deliver a tablet solution.

Via Ubergizmo

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  • online shopping uk

    Interesting Move by Nokia!! i Think its Batter to Introduced Tablet by their own rather then relying on Microsoft.. Although Nokia have to concentrate on their Operating System because OS could be Decisive Factor..

  • patrick quinn

    Course they are, Microsoft explicitly said that WP7 is a no go for tablet devices, They have a large degree of involvement in the meego project so it makes sense.