HP Mini 110 and 210 now offered with Atom N570 processor (update: now in the US)

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21 Mar, 2011 2:34 pm


Update: The Atom N570 option is now available in the US as a $115 upgrade for the HP Mini 210 but not the Mini 110. To put that into perspective, the dual core Atom N550 is a $90 upgrade. Check out hp.com.

You’ve probably read about quite a netbooks already that are getting upgrades to Atom N570 processors, so there’s no surprise that netbooks, on the whole, are rolling out with Atom N570 processor upgrades. HP’s updated their Mini 110 and 210 netbooks with the new processor over in Japan, so you can expect the same updates soon on the Western markets.

Looking at the price of the Atom N550 HP Mini 110, with the same 1GB, 250GB and Windows 7 Starter – there’s roughly a $100 price difference (29,800 yen vs 39,800 yen) here. Not good value for pretty much what we would expect to be no appreciable difference in performance. Then again, we’ve seen both the dual core N550 and N570 models of the Acer Aspire One D255E go up for pre-order at Amazon.com for the same price of $330.

Source: PC Watch

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