Motorola Clears Up Xoom LTE Upgrade Rumours

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6 Mar, 2011 7:17 pm

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If you have rooted your Xoom and were worried that you wouldn’t be eligible for the 4G upgrade fear not, Motorola has issued an official statement saying that all XOOMs can be upgraded to support LTE. The catch, though, is that when you send your tablet in to Moto to be upgraded, it needs to be running the original software and should be relocked. If a XOOM is sent in without being relocked, Moto may simply just install the 4G modem and ship the device back without upgrading the software. Which if you’re rooting your device, you should know how to put back the original software, so no biggie really! And besides for you efforts you’ll get LTE!

Here is the official statement from Motorola about the upgrade:

“All Motorola XOOM tablets on the Verizon Wireless network are eligible to receive an upgrade to support 4G LTE. This includes those that have been unlocked; however, those units must be submitted for upgrade with the original factory software reinstalled and the device relocked in order to receive the upgrade.

For devices that are returned unlocked, Motorola will attempt to complete the upgrade, but may be unable to update the software. In these cases, the device will be returned to the consumer with just the 4G LTE modem installed.”

What doesn’t really make much sense is that Motorola actually allowed for the XOOM to be unlocked so developers could do more with the device. So not supporting and upgrade on unlocked devices seems to go against its original intent.

Via PhoneDog

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  • razorz

    I think they are suggesting if you are running some weird ROM the radio and baseband patches may not apply. While this is probably not the case for most ROM’s you never know these days.