Firefox for Android Gives You 2X the Speed

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25 Feb, 2011 3:30 pm

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Tablet experience is just as important as form factor, so when I read this article by Kevin Tofel over at GigaOm running the new Firefox browser for Android through the paces on the Xoom and Galaxy Tab I just had to share. The verdict is still out on the nuances of usability of the new Firefox for Android but the speed test are firmly on the side of Mozilla. SunSpider is a benchmarking test used to compare JavaScript performance between browsers. It only tests JavaScript, which is a scripting language that enables functionality in web pages, mainly the functionality in the browser. A faster JavaScript engine, for example, can make web-based interfaces, such as Google’s Gmail, perform faster. The lower the SunSpider result, the faster the tested browser will be for JavaScript functions.

JavaScript engine is more 216 percent faster on the stock Tab browser and more than 248 percent quicker than Dolphin HD. And Firefox brings a small but noticeable speed boost to the new Xoom, too. Here’s a look at the benchmark tests:

For folks interested in the raw benchmark numbers for Android’s native browser and the Firefox beta, here they are:

Galaxy Tab: 5850.2 ms in Chrome, 2697.6 ms in Firefox
Motorola Xoom: 2119.4 ms in Chrome, 1787.8 ms in Firefox

Via Gigaom

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