AMD Fusion netbooks / notebooks to get wireless HD video streaming later this year

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16 Feb, 2011 7:53 pm


This looks like AMD’s answer to pre Intel WiDi 2.0 – wireless streaming of video content (up to 720p) from any of your AMD devices to one or more display devices. The demonstration from CES earlier this year demoed an AMD notebook streaming HD video concurrently to a tablet and a large flat panel TV. Quality can be scaled back for reliability in case you just some to show some presentation slides, for example. It’s based on 802.11n WiFi, Adobe Flash Player and software from ViVu.Watch out for this tech later this year as it’s headed to the AMD Fusion platform.

YouTube Preview Image

Source: AMD via TweakTown

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  • Guest

    First things first. We must have AMD Fusion netbooks available at first. :D So far very poor and we are almost past Q1.

  • crashsuit

    I dunno, my AO522 is pretty nice. Good step up from my AO521. Can’t wait to see how it benchmarks once I get my Vertex 2, 4GB RAM and W7x64-bit on there. No bluetooth though, #sadtrumpet.