Android on ARM Running inside a MacBook Pro (Video)

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15 Feb, 2011 4:41 pm


Cupp is offering up the dream mobile computing scenario, low power consumption ARM processing along side the powerful X86 architecture.  Why I’m totally in love with this is I use my Macbook to edit high definition videos, but when I’m done doing that I only need to surf the web to blog.  Imagine I’ve just edited a video and have 8 minutes left, with flip of a switch I’d be able to switch onto the ARM CPU tucked away where the optical drive used to be and I suddenly have 2 hours of battery life.
Its an ARM platform with an x86 CPU that gives consumers the ability to run a desktop OS and a low-power OS such as Chrome OS, Android or Ubuntu. In case you hadn’t realized it ARM platforms require a fraction of the power that standard x86 systems do. How Cupp has made this possible is they have modified MacBook Pro with a TI OMAP-based daughter-board module sitting in place of the optical drive.  The idea is the ARM based CPU will offer around 20 hours of battery life.
If you have dreams of modding your own computers you might…might be in luck.  Cupp is going to have products shipping in Q2 and Q4 of this year.  What those products are there weren’t any details revealed, however lets put our imaginations to the test as there are a couple of very real solutions in play right now.
It is entirely possible that it could be a turn-key ARM solution to slap into their existing laptop in order to create something similar.  If it is what do you think? Would you open up your wallets?
Another idea is that it maybe something in the medical or enterprise field.  Servers that need to go sleep by EU law at night could make interesting use of this architecture for power savings.
Personally I love the idea of being able to flip between two systems to turn my single mobile computer to the only mobile computer I’ll need to get the job done.  Hit us up in the comments and let us know what you think!
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