ASUS has a secret weapon to tackle iPad 2

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4 Feb, 2011 9:54 pm


ASUS launched a bunch of tablet and tablet hybrids at CES this year, the Eee Slate EP121, the Eee Pad Slider and Transformer and the Eee Pad MeMO, but none of these are meant to take on the iPad 2 head on. ASUS has a secret weapon for that according to CEO Jonney Shih in an interview with Computer World. This device is something that hasn’t been revealed yet but will be, closer to launch. When asked whether it’ll be a tablet or some kind of component, Jonney refused to comment, saying we’ll have to wait for launch.

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  • wiztab

    Is he saying after he launches this killer, iPad 2 will be dead on arrival ?
    Marvelous ! I can’t wait !

  • Doubt It

    I doubt it. Probably not much different than all the other tablets.