Motorola Xoom SwiftKey Virtual Keyboard for 10″ devices

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3 Feb, 2011 11:10 am


Typing on a 10 inch tablet isn’t not anyone’s idea of a good time, but the folks over at TouchType have redesigned the keyboard to enhance the typing experience. They describes the skin as “holographic” and “thumb-optimized.”

The Tron-like program is intended to boost productivity when typing on a touch screen with features such as language detection, text entry predictions and “thumb-optimized keyboard skin.” The horizontal split makes for pretty reasonable virtual keyboarding while holding the tablet nice and stable in the palms of both hands.

SwiftKey’s three-button word prediction system makes things speedier. If you want to cycle through a list of words that you may have wanted to type you keep hitting the spacebar.

The app is currently available in the Android Market (now in a browser!) for $1.99. SwiftKey will also be pre-installed with optimized keyboard layouts on the Motorola Xoom.
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Engadget was also able to get a hands on

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