Onkyo lays out tablet roadmap – Oak Trail, Cedar Trail upgrades later this year

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2 Feb, 2011 1:42 pm


Onkyo, a small outfit based in Japan, has laid out roadmaps for its tablet lineup this year which consists of two series – the SlatePC series which are Windows, Intel based tablets and the SlatePad series which are ARM, Android based tablets. The company recently merged with Kohjinsha which many of you might have known for their unique products like the dual screen netbooks from a few years back. The SlatePC series has been available at Dynamism for a few months already.

On the ARM side, the company will launch their previously mentioned 7-inch 16:9 and 4:3 tablets in Q2 this year and there’s already a Tegra 2 10-inch one that was recently announced. On the Windows side, tablets with Intel’s upcoming Oak Trail and Cedar Trail platforms will be available in Q2 and Q3 respectively. According to the slide above, some models will be specialized for outdoor use – rugged designs and screens that can be used outdoors.

Source: PC Watch

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