LaCie Netbook Kit Comes with Sleeve & Other Goodies

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1 Feb, 2011 5:45 pm

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Netbooks are a convenient way to use the Internet and send email on the go unless you’ve done your research you might have gotten saddled with a small touchpads and lack of USB ports. Luckily for you LaCie’s NetbooKit brings together everything you need for your netbook. Its got a stylish sleeve that is decidedly unisex so the fellas won’t feel left out. What you get with this kit is something extra, its a sleeve that can hold the included mouse and 4-port hub. The 4-port hub lets you increase your netbook’s USB connections. This way, you can connect all your accessories and charge all your devices or connect your peripherals. Its only $21.47 from Amazon

Via LaCie

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  • Anonymous

    nice bit of kit.