AMD C-50 Benchmarks, Gaming & Video Playback Testing

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1 Feb, 2011 12:10 am


We’ve all been waiting for AMD’s Fusion processors to come to market and create some competition in the netbook space. What we are looking at in the Toshiba NB550D is the Ontario C-50 which runs at only 1Ghz, has an AMD Radeon HD 6250 running at 280 MHz while supporting the directx 11!

To give you some perspective on where we’ve come from the Intel Atom N550 which has been the the standard for netbook processor is also dual core but runs at 1.5GHz vs the 1.0GHz of the C-50. Atom has also always relied upon integrated graphics from the Intel GMA 3150 at 200MHz while the AMD sports the Radeon HD 6250 at 280MHz. The other notable difference is that the C50 supports 4GB of DDR3 RAM where as the N550 can only handle 2GB. On a side note, in order to make this happen you also have to upgrade to a 64 bit Operating System. The TDP of the systems is also very interesting since the Atom N550 has a TDP of 8.5W and AMD’s C-50 is checked in at 8W. We haven’t posted our review of the NB550D but you can be sure we are going to let you know exactly how much power is being consumed during different tasks.

We ran 3DMark06 and the C50 ran an impressive 1886 which is 120 points higher then the preproduction NB550D that was benchmarked earlier this month. It should also be noted at that the 3DMark06 score did not change at all when the unit was upgraded to 4GB or RAM. If you’re wondering how it scores we’ve got a few figure below this photo.

Device                                                    3DMark06
Acer Aspire Revo 3700 (D525)            2898
ASUS Eee PC 1215N (D510)                   2671
Toshiba NB550D (C50)                    1889
ASUS Eee PC 1015PN (N550+ion)      1501
Acer Aspire One 721 (K125)                  1235
HP Pavilion DM1z (K125)                     1173
ASUS UL20A (SU2300)                         723
ASUS Eee PC 1005PE (N450)               157
HP 5103 (N550)                                        145

Next up is 3DMark03

We also ran it through the paces with 3DMark03 which it scored 4854. To give some perspective on this the Acer Aspire One 532G with Nvidia Ion only scored 3049.

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