AMD showcases lower power Ontario C-50 APU for tablets

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30 Jan, 2011 1:58 pm


In Singapore earlier this week, AMD showcased a lower power 5W version of the C-50 especially for tablets. The standard dual core, 1GHz clocked C-50 which has and will find its way into many 10-inch netbooks has a 9W TDP which is acceptable for a notebook where a larger battery can be fit in but just won’t do for tablets. For comparison, the dual core Atom N550 has a 8.5W TDP, the single core Atom N450 has a 6.5W TDP and pretty much most Atom based tablets only last a few hours.

This new C-50 for tablets still performs the same as the original C-50 with the same dual cores and 1GHz clock speed but they’ve managed to reduce power consumption by cutting back on features. The memory controller is simpler (less support for larger memory, clock speeds and memory timing). I/O support is cut back. You can’t have multiple ports of the same type, so only one USB, one HDMI and so on.

Acer’s 10-inch Windows 7 tablet with the keyboard dock announced last year and due out some time this year is using this low power version of the C-50.

Source: PC Watch via Softpedia, @chippy

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