Notion Ink Adam Shipping on January 19th

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16 Jan, 2011 6:38 pm


Notion Ink chief Rohan Shravan told early fans that the Adam tablet has finally landed the FCC approval needed to go on sale in the US. The Android tablet should now start shipping for the first pre-orders on Wednesday, January 19. Prices for the 10-inch Slate range from as little as $375 for a Wi-Fi version with a standard screen to $550 for a 3G edition with an outdoor-friendly Pixel Qi screen.

The Notion in Adam finally has the FCC tags it needs to start shipping its unique tablet sporting the Pixel Qi screen & Tegra 2. The unique hardware made us pay attention to this tablet but its heavily customized front end, Eden, has kept us interested. If you have got yours on Pre-order then you should be happy to hear that its going to be shipping on January 19th, if you were luckily enough to grab on it should have run you $375 for a wifi version for $550 for the 3G edition.

Along with the shipping notice, Shravan mentioned that Android 3.0, Honeycomb, was still a planned upgrade but that it might take some time to implement. The Eden interface was designed with Android 3.0 compatibility in mind, but Google’s OS is a “work in progress” and is bringing a lot of things that Notion Ink had previously had to add itself. There is no word on when the upgrade is going to happen, but I’m sure it will be in line with when the rest of the industry gets going on it.

Via Electronista

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