Notion Ink Adam Hands on at CES 2011

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8 Jan, 2011 12:21 am


While stopping by the Pixel Qi booth at CES 2011 we were pleasantly surprised to run into the Notion Ink team. We scored some a walk through by Rohan Shravan and a bit of hands on time our self.  The Notion Ink Adam as been one of the most anticipated tablets of CES since we saw it behind glass at last years CES.

The 10.1 inch tablet is sporting a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 250 chip, 1GB of ram, the low power consumption Pixel Qi screen, a 3.2 MP auto focus swivel camera, mini HDMI and even a mini USB port! What keeps the tablet looking special is Notion Ink’s custom software. Eden, the multitasking UI, splits the screen into three panes, and intelligently uses the dual-core NVIDIA processor to balance power and battery life. For instance, the CPU shows up as a single core in the Android “About” page; Eden won’t activate the second core if there’s still capacity in the first core. If you’re like me and you want to pick one up they are currently sold out on their pre order and depending on the configuration it could range between $399 and $498.

What is fantastic and you’ll realize it as  you watch the video, is that this tablet actually lives up to the hype.  The screen technology in combination with the intelligent software and tegra actually work together.  Talking to Rohan you can see that he’s crafted the tablet with love and you can see it in the details.  The Adam has the curved top and ruggedized rubber with perforations, he comments that he designed the tablet for his own hand and he has sweaty hands.  It makes sense that when you’re holding a device for a while, especially in a hot country like India

Below you’ll find our walk through and hands on video, give it a minute we at the beginning, we didn’t want you to miss out on any of the notion ink good times!  Towards the end of the video you’ll find a nice animated hands on with the device by Sascha and JkkMobile.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Guest

    Nice video!!

  • Achal

    loved it!

  • Saied

    i didnt know about your blog but since you guys are actually excited about this product( unlike them crunchgear guys) i will be coming here often to support you guys.

  • Servant79

    lovely video with HD seeing ADAM

  • Yatindra Talwalkar

    very nice ! :]

  • Michael Bye

    Just Letting you guys know they are not mini prots they are full size HDMI and USB. ” The 10.1 inch tablet is sporting a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 250 chip, 1GB of ram, the low power consumption Pixel Qi screen, a 3.2 MP auto focus swivel camera, mini HDMI and even a mini USB port!”

  • Albert Deleon

    One of the best videos on the Adam. Thanks.

  • sant

    very impressive tablet….especially in the face of competition from biggies like motorola, asus, dell in this CES.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right. It has a full size HMDI, two full size USB. It also has a mini USB.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent work Nicole and Sascha, like always! Full HD 1080p video, wonderful live presentation!