Razer Switchblade – 7-inch dual screen PC gaming device: Video Update

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10 Jan, 2011 6:13 am


Razer’s taking a step up from gaming accessories to perhaps releasing a PC gaming device of their own – it’s still at the concept stage right now though. Enter the Switchblade – dual 7-inch touchscreen displays in a clamshell form factor – very much like the Toshiba Libretto W105 / W100 except but with a few differences.

This is a gaming device, and what would a gaming device be without any physical, tactile controls? That’s where the bottom touch screen gets configurable physical buttons placed on top that can be automatically reconfigured according to the game. Also, instead of CULV parts, the concept has an Atom processor in mind. No doubt it’ll have Nvidia ION graphics but there’s no mention of that.

The device measures 172 x 115 x 25mm, runs on Windows 7 and includes mini HDMI, USB 3.0, headphone and mic ports. Too early to mention price.

More info at razerzone.com
*Update – Our Hands on Video*
YouTube Preview Image
Promo video:

YouTube Preview Image

Source: Engadget

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  • Anonymous

    Definitely not going to have ION in this thing. Never mind they are partnering with Intel, has their logo right on the casing, which is clearly not known for promoting ION and there is no Nvidia logo. But just look at the case design, this is going to be a fan-less design and you can’t do that with an ION. Even the lower powered 8 core version used in the Asus 1015PN requires extra venting compared to the other 1015 models

    And all that is without even considering how the ION would kill the run time on a smaller system, which would also be using a smaller battery. While the Toshiba Libretto W105/W100 runs even hotter with a CULV processor. So this system is clearly designed for a low power configuration.

    Meaning it’ll more likely be using the upcoming 32nm Cedar Trail update to the ATOM, which will offer about double the performance of the existing Pine Trail’s Intel GMA 3150 and can go fan-less with a 5W TDP.

    7″ screen also means it doesn’t have to render higher than minimal settings for most games. So it can get away with less graphical power than you would need in larger systems. You’ll likely not run anything heavier than World of Warcraft on this thing…

    But let’s remember it’s just a concept design for now anyway and we may not see a real product till 2012…

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Intel branding. Not much of a chance for Nvidia ION then, design logistics aside.

  • Senderbobo

    how much is this thingie cost.