Samsung Slide PC 7 Hands on Video at CES 2011

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7 Jan, 2011 1:50 am


The Samsung Slider PC 7 is a confusing little product since its to heavy to be a tablet and too expensive to be a netbook. The specs are very interesting with the brand spanking new Oaktrail chipset by Intel the Atom Z670 CPU. We’ve been waiting for Intel to come to market with this for a while as it has the battery life that can finally compete with ARM.

If we keep looking into the Slider its got 2GB DDR2 RAM, 32 or 64GB SSD drive, and a 1,366×768 10-inch screen, along with 3G and WiMax connectivity. At 10.47 x 6.88 x .78 inches and 2.18 pounds, it’s larger than an iPad but smaller than many 10-inch Netbooks. Its 6-cell battery boasts a 9 hour battery life. When should we see this? It’s expected to land in March for $699.

Here is our hands on video at CES 2011
YouTube Preview Image

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  • Anonymous

    I want one

  • Alejandro Aguilar

    I have only one question: The display will close the standard way (the display in front of the keyboard)?, for transport purposes.

    I am concerned about the performance of the Atom Z670 CPU.

  • gman

    I’m confused. Like a wife or husband, their is a match for everyone. For me though, I don’t get the “need”. As in, if I NEED a keyboard and touchpad, why would I NEED at touchscreen tablet in the same device? It’s always seemed asinine to me that people buy a tablet, just to buy a keyboard and mouse after. That’s just idiotic imo. Are there that many idiotic people out there who would flock to these types of monstrosities?

  • Anonymous

    My work involves pdf annotation and also a lot of typing … so I NEED the touchscreen and the keyboard.

    In any case if you want a slate device for fun, and a laptop for more involved tasks then why carry around two devices? Its all about convergence and carrying less! I could carry a palm pilot and a cell phone but why not a smartphone all in one? Same reasoning. Even if you don’t need a slate you might want one and are more likely to NEED a laptop so this device makes sense if you want only one to carry around.

  • Anonymous

    No the display will be exposed when it slides back

    The atom is supposed to give better performance than the current atoms in netbooks. HD video and better battery life. Not sure if it is dual core or not … anyone know?

  • MathGirl

    Will I be able to “write” on the screen with a tablet pen?

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