Sharp to launch Galapagos tablets in America, early 2011 (Update: FCC droppings)

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4 Jan, 2011 1:10 pm


Update: Indeed it looks like the same roughly 10-inch and 5-inch ‘Media Tablets’ will heading to the US. Wireless Goodness spotted more FCC Galapagos tablet occurrences showing the 10-inch-ish one this time. There’s expected to be additional 3G models. Again, CES will explain all.

Sharp, having recently launched their Galapagos content service, along with a couple of e-reader devices on home soil in Japan, has announced plans for global expansion which includes America first, followed by China and India among others.

America is the first place Sharp plans to introduce their service to, hoping to secure book publishers and similar content providers with content being provided in the EPUB file format. On the matter of actual hardware, the Galapagos e-readers will be equipped with 3G, unlike those currently sold in Japan which are WiFi only. Most likely the same tablets (roughly 5 and 10-inch in size, see specs) will be used in the US, as we’ve already seen one of them pop up at the FCC a couple of months ago.

Source: Mainichi Newspaper

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