Android Honeycomb to be released as 2.4 in February?

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17 Dec, 2010 1:38 pm


Much like Gingerbread turned out to be version 2.3 of Android instead of 3.0 could the latest upcoming version branded Honeycomb actually turn out to be version 2.4 rather than 3.0? That’s the news from a trustworthy source at Androidandme who’s a developer working on 3rd party software for different versions of Android.

Image courtesy of notcot

Elaborating on that rumor – Android 2.4 Honeycomb will get a showing at CES 2011 next year on tablets, then shortly after that it may get released in February at Mobile World Congress. Android 3.0, possibly named “Ice Cream” or “Jelly Bean”, could be released in May. Insiders at said site say there’s something big planned for Google I/O in May and Android 3.0 could be it. With tablets getting launched early next year perhaps Google wants to get another version out early for tablets, then they can concentrate on the big leap to 3.0 afterwards.

Source: Androidandme via IntoMobile

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