Remote Control Your Desktop with LogMeIn Ignition for Android Tablets

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17 Dec, 2010 6:25 pm


LogMeIn Ignition is an app for remotely accessing any Windows or Mac PC from your android tablet. LogMeIn has been available for mobile phones for quite some time now so this move on to tablets has been highly anticipated by the existing community. This app is an essential tool for anyone who has to do technical support and find themselves needing to access client systems. We all know its easier to just do it your self then try to trouble shoot over the phone. Imagine the freedom LogMeIn affords you being able to get the job on your phone, but now take it to the next level by having it on your tablet.

James Kendrick over at JKontheRun did a review of the yet to be released LogMeIn Ignition for tablets and notes that it effectively turns your system into touch tablet. You have complete control over the remote session, all the way from how the remote mouse behaves to changing the screen resolution of the remote system to more closely match the Android device. Moving around the remote desktop is very fluid, and as simple as dragging the desktop around the tablet screen. All mouse operations are replicated on the Android touch screen, allowing full interaction via LogMeIn.

For those looking to turn their tablet into a productivity tool LogMeIn Ignition might be able to create the environment you need to be productive.

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