Tablets Eating into Carrier Netbook Sales in Taiwan 2011?

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14 Dec, 2010 11:31 pm

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Netbooks are as a common sight in Taiwan as scooters and hand pulled noodles, so hearing that Taiwan Mobile is estimating lower netbook sales when it incorperates tablets into its portfolio isn’t exactly shocking. What is interesting is that they are expecting that netbook sales will drop 30-40%, this estimate was made by the company’s Consumer Business Group COO Cliff Lai. If you follow the News at Netbook News at all, you know that we cover all the devices that converge onto the netbook space including tablets. So we are well aware of the mobile computing market shift.

The mobile telecom carrier procured 90,000-100,000 netbooks for contract sales in 2010, and expects to procure only 50,000-60,000 netbooks in 2011 as tablet demand increases. TWM has not yet decided how many tablets they will be purchasing to replace the netbook sales, so these numbers are still roughestimates. What they are waiting on is finding out the costs and the timing of the launch of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). Right so lets say that Honeycomb happens in May (Google appears to following a rough 6 month hold between releases to allow for the market to catch up the previous generation). This leaves 7 months for the tablet operating system to get to market. Its going to take another few months for 3.0 tablets to make it into the hands of the consumers.

I think that he might be a little optimistic in thinking that tablets are going to take over 30-40% of netbook sales in less then 6 months of shelf time especially in a market that has adopted on to on the go productivity. You’ll get no argument from me that tablets will eat into every sector mobile computing. Every time a new product hits the shelves the entire ecosystem has to make room, some categories more then others. However to date, studies have shown that people who are purchasing tablets have made the choice for a tablet over an eReader. There are other sales categories to consider when looking at tablets. Netbooks are just the easiest target since they hold 25% of the mobile computing market share.


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    my issue with the tablets lately is that they are behind the times. I have yet to see a decent tablet and all the toy tablets (see ipad) are over-saturating the marketplace. It is getting hard to find a decent tablet with dedicated graphics almost everything I see is basically a $300 netbook with a touchscreen specs-wise