Do we Need Another Dual Screen Tablet? 8″ Taiji Tablet Hits FCC

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14 Dec, 2010 4:53 pm


Looks like there is another dual screen tablet in the news with Taiji’s 8 inch Dual screen tablet hitting the FCC. There are some serious issues with dual screen tablets, you can only look at one screen at a time and is the battery hit worth the cool factor of having a virtual keyboard or input device? This device is looking to give Toshiba’s Libretto a run for its money, however Taiji’s tablet is sporting a VIA processor instead of Intel’s CULV processor. This might do more for battery life but might not hold up performance wise depending on what they’ve stocked it with.

We are still shady on the details for the dual screen tablet but we have more information on another 10 inch Taiji tablet the Taiji T10A. This is a 10-inch tablet with a 32GB SSD, a front-facing camera, a 1.2GHz VIA C7-M processor and VX700 graphics processor and is running Windows 7. No word on pricing or availability as of yet.
Via Ubergizmo

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  • attila_toth

    No thanks. An ARM Chrome OS netbook, please…

  • Jesse B Andersen

    If anyone has a Toshiba Libretto or one of those weird Acer dual tablet thingies I would like to know what they use it for. I guess if it can do “something” then it can be “useful”.