Toshiba NB520 has a Sexy New Look with Harman/Kardon Speakers

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1 Dec, 2010 8:04 pm


Toshiba has a new netbook and man is it sexy, it’s a design change from any other netbook on the market with Harman/Kardon speakers integrated into the palm rest. The textured finish on the hood with a brushed metal feel makes the netbook seem very sophisticated. Under the hood we’ve got the Intel N550 Dual Core processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 250GB shock absorbing drive.

Running Windows 7 starter its got a few features that are a nice touch like sleep to charge and sleep to listen to music which is something I haven’t heard of before. We’ve also got an assortment of colours with warm brown, lime green, sunlight copper, turquoise. It’s going on sale in Singapore for $599 Singapore Dollars which is $450 USD.

While at the IT Month 2010 Preview we were able to snap a few shots of it and actually have plans to spend some time with it tomorrow to shoot a proper hands on video. For now these shots will have to do.

Via BootStrike

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