Jolibook Will Cost 279 Pounds, Rumored Friday Launch

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18 Nov, 2010 10:33 am


We haven’t been told a solid release date yet for the Jolibook but we do know it’s launching in the UK first and there’s rumor that it launches on Friday this week. Also, we can reveal pricing today, which we’ve heard would be very competitive – 279 pounds – only just a pound under the dual core Acer Aspire One D255 netbook – doesn’t sound that competitive given that it doesn’t ship with Windows but hey, can a small startup compete with the giants out there? There may be another way, attacking the education market and there are deals on the way with education suppliers in the UK and Europe. That’s also on top of Jolibook being aimed at people who aren’t tech savvy or don’t even know what an operating system is. Jolibook promises to be easy to get straight to the web without the hassles found on Windows (installing anti-virus etc). WSJ is the source for the Friday launch.

We’ve also thrown in some real pictures of another netbook – the Intellibook, that uses the same chassis so you can get a better idea of how it looks and feels. Going over the specs we already know again for the Jolibook – a dual core Atom N550 processor, 250GB HDD and a 6-cell battery (bulging) with 7 hours of battery life. Some extra pictures which you may have seen already courtesy of VyePC via

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