Dell Inspiron Duo Spinning Netbook hits the streets November 23?

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16 Nov, 2010 6:34 pm

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At IDF our jaw did drop when what looked like a thick Slate then opened up and the screen rotated around to turn into a netbook. What I find a little suspicious about CNET’s rumour that this 10inch beauty will be hitting the streets on November 23rd is that there are no firm specification. We do know it is powered by a dual-core Intel Atom processor & runs Windows 7. If you do want to try to pick one up first you are supposed to be able to order it on Dell’s Web site. What did Dell have so say? Well they didn’t confirm pricing or availability which is too bad because this would make a pretty fun Christmas gift. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and our eye on this story for you.

Here is our video from Intel’s Elements conference where we got to spend a bit of time with it.
YouTube Preview Image
And here is another more official video showing off the Duo
YouTube Preview Image

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  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to put my hands on this machine!