System76 Starts Shipping Internationally, Starling Netbook Goes Dual Core

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13 Nov, 2010 1:16 pm


System76, a small startup that sells Ubuntu equipped hardware including netbooks, by popular demand, will start shipping internationally although first step will be the UK and products will still have US keyboards and power cords. The company offers two netbooks – the Starling EduBook which is a ClassMate PC (non-tablet) rebrand and the Starling NetBook which appears to be the same as the Jolibook and has now got an upgrade to a dual core Atom N550 processor.

Also of note is that they are experimenting with ARM based and Intel Atom based tablets but don’t feel the Atom tablets are ready hardware wise. On the other hand they feel the ARM side is there already but comes with a different set of technical issues that they don’t want to be involved with – developing and maintaining custom kernels for each tablet.

Source: System76 on Facebook via OMG Ubuntu

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  • Anonymous

    sounds interesting.

  • Mrcotail

    Really interesting products! Any possibility to install Windows on their devices?

  • MHazell

    I love System76.