CPT SunLight Viewable Low Power Screen Technology

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5 Nov, 2010 3:40 pm


CPT is a display manufacturer here in Taiwan, they’ve got a transreflective display that looks identical to Pixel Qi and supposedly has the same .5 power consumption.  Now they have produced another screen technology that is so new that they all haven’t even named it, they just call it: SunLight Viewable Low Power Screen Technology.  I’ve actually been holding off on this story for about two weeks trying to get more information on it, like how much power it actually consumes.  They claim that it’s less then 1/2 the amount of a normal screen but by looking at it there is no way you’d think this is possible.  I’m holding reservation until they get back to me with some facts or will commit to arrangements to have me come down to their factory/offices out by the airport here in Taipei.

Digitimes recently reported that they’ve reported a profit loss last quarter, my hope is that this will make them more hungry and possibly get back to me (yes I’m complaining about Taiwanese PR with foreign media!) This technology could potentially be very exciting for mobile computers as the colour saturation is richer then anything we’ve seen in the transreflective category.  I do show you the transreflective display similar to Pixel Qi in the video so you can see the difference for your self!
YouTube Preview Image

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